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What is a credit score? It's a statistical summary of the information contained in a consumer's bureau report. It shows your ability to qualify for a credit card or loan. Welcome to UnionCreditReport.com and find the answers to questions "What is a good credit score?" and learn how national agencies calculate scores!

Intend to apply for a card or loan? Then it's high time to get free report (you have the right to order it once a year, but usually credit report and score are chargeable) and check your rating.

Read about the work of consumer bureaus and bureau fraud protection products they offer. Order 3 bureau online report, to find out what cards you are eligible for and learn which of all the bureaus your potential lender prefers!

  • TransUnion, Equifax, Experian Scores.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Your Scores Delivered in Seconds**.
  • ** After verification of your identity, your scores are available for secure online delivery in seconds.
  • Online Access in minutes.
  • Checking your own credit will NOT lower your score.
  • Help spot the early signs of Credit Fraud & Identity Theft.
  • Get Your Free Credit Score & Credit Report for $1.
  • Get your FREE Transunion Credit Score™.
  • Also receive a free trial to Transunion 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring.
  • 24/7 credit file monitoring and alerts of key changes to your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit files.
  • Ongoing access to your Transunion Credit Score™.

When is it necessary to apply to credit bureaus? Every time you ask yourself: "How do I establish credit?" How to improve low rating or establish credit after bankruptcy? How to build a good score?" and also before you search for the right card or obtain a card/loan or start improving your score.

The amount of your bureau scores is the most significant factor, which determines the type of card you can afford. Thus, if the 3 bureaus notify your score as no, - then cards for no credit are designed for you.

Having insufficient credit (350-619 points), - apply for a card with limited credit. Add to your history improvement - get limited credit unsecured cards!

With 620-659 score be sure to obtain fair rating card which is the last step to good credit card offers!

If you can boast of 660-749 score, then you have good history, and your creditworthiness is absolutely evident. Apply for good score cards created for you!

We also invite you to read the articles on credit cards, some of which are card fraud articles, devoted to credit card fraud and bureau fraud. Learn how to put report fraud alert on your report with one of the bureaus. According to credit card fraud statistics, every 5th American has become the victim of credit card fraud, so this measure can be of much use. Do your best to keep your report safe!

Your Credit Report and Other Services You Can Get

What is the role of your credit score? It is a valuable tool that lenders use to determine, which applicants should get approved. The separation of the good applicants from the bad is performed through a minimum credit score requirement. If your score falls below this requirement, the result is an immediate credit denial.

So, not to get unpleasantly surprised, check regularly all 3 reports and scores to make sure, you are managing your credit properly.

In case of some negative marks on your report, examine our books on credit and master the ways to improve your score!

In some situations (large purchases or emergency) loan centre is the right place to turn to. So, feel free to address home loan center or national student loan center and get home equity loan, loan for home mortgage, money for education or even bad loan.

Before you apply for a loan, obtain your report and score. Besides, nationwide credit bureaus provide some other beneficial services. Thus, you can monitor your report online, get professional advice on score improvement, make use of credit fraud protection services and so on.

Learn all the peculiarities and novelties of credit with the help of our credit card articles. Build a healthy credit profile, starting with cards for people with low score, continue with fair cards up to good ones. Check your report and score and apply for card or loan available!

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